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About Our School

The History of Dogwood Elementary School

Dogwood Elementary School has a wonderful history as a great school located in an amazing neighborhood. In August of 1977, Dogwood opened under the leadership of Patsy E. Smith.  The school started out as a K-7 school and later it even included 8th grade.  
In 1989, grades 6-8 were moved to the newly opened Houston Middle School.  Through the years, several great leaders have supported DES.  These included Louis Williams in 1997, Susan Pittman from 1998-2005 and 2012-2016,  Andrea Simpson 2005-2012, and Teresa Price in 2016-2019.   
Jessica Woody is the current principal of Dogwood.  She engages the community to rally around Dogwood through these unique times, she brings the school even closer together.  In recent years, GMSD has continued to update and develop this amazing school.  But the best things about DES have been the same since its doors first opened- -thanks to the wonderful teachers and parents, the students learn at a very high level and grow into leaders.  The students make us proud and are truly  world-changers! 
School starts at 8:45 AM and ends at 3:45 PM!