Dogwood Digs into Robotics

Imagine a classroom buzzing with excitement, not over building blocks, but over building...robots! That's exactly what's happening at Dogwood Elementary, where a group of curious 1st graders are piloting a revolutionary program that merges robotics and coding.

Armed with Kaibots - friendly, colorful robots from - these young minds are embarking on a journey of exploration, learning the fundamentals of coding while sending their robotic companions on exciting missions.

Maris W., a bright-eyed student, shared her enthusiasm, "It's like magic! I figure out the code, and my robot does exactly what I tell it to." 

Her classmate, Ayden W., found a different thrill in the process, "My robot tells me when there's a bug in my code, it's like a puzzle I have to solve!"

One of the masterminds behind this innovative pilot program is Mrs. Dodge, the school's Instructional Technology Coach. Inspired by her discoveries at the recent TCEA Conference in Austin, she brought the Kaibots to Dogwood, eager to see the spark of creativity and problem-solving ignite in her students.

"It's incredible to witness their faces light up as they bring their coding creations to life," Mrs. Dodge remarked. "This program goes beyond basic coding; it teaches them critical thinking, collaboration, and resilience - all essential skills for the future."

The Dogwood Robotics pilot is just the beginning. With the success of this program, other grades and schools within GMSD are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the Kaibots. One thing's for sure: the future of learning at Dogwood is looking bright, innovative, and full of robot adventures!