Kids Heart Challenge Kicks Off

By student writer Connor Dunphy


Dogwood students will join the fun with Buster and the gang they help their  friends with special hearts during the annual Kids Heart Challenge event. Dolphins can sign up today and can start helping the school get to its total goal of $70,000. 

”I’m most excited about the kickoff and the really cool prizes,”  said Angela Martin, one of the teachers who is leading this year's Kids Heart Challenge. “This year there are going to be amazing prizes like sliming people and getting to be a tunnel buddy at a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game.” 

Students are excited to participate in the event too. “I think that the key chains are my most favorite prizes but the disco speaker comes in close second,” said Roper Oswald, an eager fourth grade student. 

To sign up 

  1. Go to this link 
  2. Choose how much you want to donate
  3. Click donate

It’s so easy it only takes three steps.

As always, all the money that gets donated will go to the American Heart Association to help all those special people with special hearts.