Dogwood Students Conquer AR Goals

Dogwood Elementary erupted in cheers and sugary swirls the last week of school before break as students across all grades celebrated their Accelerated Reader (AR) achievements. From candy cane jousting to donut-fueled fort building, the school buzzed with a contagious enthusiasm for reading.


Fifth graders, victorious over their personalized reading goals, wielded candy canes like peppermint-striped trophies. Hot chocolate fueled their celebratory chatter as they enjoyed a little extra recess.


Fourth graders, meanwhile, formed a sugary ring of joy around their mountains of donuts. Each glazed delight, sprinkled and frosted celebrated a reading milestone achieved.


Kindergarten through third graders also celebrated with class parties, cookie decorating, movies, recess, and treats.


Backpacks, once filled with textbooks and pencils, now held the sweet spoils of victory: candy cane trophies and donut crumbs. But the real treasure lay in the hearts and minds of the students, a love for reading sparked by the magic of the AR parties.

Dogwood Elementary, usually a haven of learning, had become a wonderland of celebration. The day proved that reading wasn't just a chore, but an adventure, a laugh, and a reward sweeter than any candy cane or donut. And as the echoes of cheers faded, and the last crumbs were swept away, one thing was clear: the AR parties weren't just a celebration of the quarter; they were a celebration of the magic that lives within the pages of a book.