Dogwood Elementary Kindergarteners Celebrate Fall with Pumpkin Painting

On Monday, October 30th, Dogwood Elementary kindergarteners celebrated fall with a pumpkin painting activity. Students brought in their own pumpkins and used a variety of paints to create their own unique designs.

The kindergarteners were excited to show off their creativity. Some students painted their pumpkins with traditional fall colors, such as orange, brown, and yellow. Others painted their pumpkins with bright and colorful designs, such as flowers, animals, and their favorite characters.

The kindergarten teachers were impressed with the students' creativity and enthusiasm. They said that the pumpkin painting activity was a great way for the students to celebrate the fall season and express their individuality.

"It was great to see the students so excited about the pumpkin painting activity," kindergarten teacher Jennifer Word said. "They were really engaged in the process and used their imaginations to create some beautiful pumpkins."

The pumpkin painting activity was a great way for the Dogwood Elementary kindergarteners to celebrate fall and express their creativity. The students were excited to show off their pumpkins to their classmates, teachers, and parents.