Hand Jive the Day Away

October 25 was 50s Day for third graders at Dogwood Elementary, and they were all dressed to impress.

The girls swished their poodle skirts as they walked down the halls, and the boys looked cool and slick with their pompadours and leather jackets. Everyone was wearing their favorite 50s-inspired accessories, from scarves and bobby socks to sunglasses and fedoras.

In class, the third graders learned all about the 1950s. They created timelines of key events, researched specific years in the decade, and even made their own "Hope Floats" with ice cream and soda. Outside, they learned to hula hoop.

But the big event of the day was the sock hop. Parents were invited to come and watch their children dance to the tunes of the 1950s. The students had been practicing their moves all week in PE class, and they were ready to show off their new skills.

The gym was transformed into a 50s setting. Mr. Smith played classic hits like "Hound Dog," "Rock Around the Clock," and "Twist and Shout," and the students danced the hour away.

They twirled and stomped to the Twist, did the Hokey Pokey, and limboed under a low bar. They even tried their hand at the Hand Jive, a complex dance that required a lot of coordination.

Students learned a lot about the 1950s, made some delicious treats, and learned some new dances. It was a truly unforgettable day.