Dogwood Elementary's Dolphin Fun Run by Boosterthon Raises Over $90,000

Dogwood Elementary School's Dolphin Fun Run by Boosterthon was a huge success, raising over $90,000 for the school. Students from all grade levels participated in the event, running laps around the school grounds to earn pledges from sponsors. The Fun Run was held on September 29, 2023, and students received donations from all 50 US states and the Cayman Islands.


Proceeds from the Fun Run will be used to purchase technology upgrades, classroom furniture, and school upgrades. The school is planning to purchase new interactive projectors for classrooms, as well as new furniture for classrooms and hallways. The school will also use the funds to make upgrades to the school's gymnasium.


"We are so grateful to our students, families, and community for their support of the Dolphin Fun Run," said Dogwood Elementary School Principal Jessica Woody. "This event was a huge success, and we are excited to use the funds to make improvements to our school that will benefit all of our students."


Students from all grade levels participated in the Dolphin Fun Run. There were a total of 30 laps with fun themes like “skip with a friend,” “Hop as high as you can,” and “Run backward.” All of the students ran their best and had a great time.


"I loved the Dolphin Fun Run!" said Kindergartener Jesse Light. "It was so much fun to run with my friends. I'm so glad we raised so much money for our school."