High School and Preschool Students Work Together

by student writer Brecon Hester


Preschoolers at Dogwood get to learn from high school students as well as their regular classroom teachers. Every Monday and Friday the transition to work high schoolers help the stations in preschool. Preschool stations are interactive play sites, and every couple of minutes students go to a new station that sparks another type of creativity. The high school students help the preschoolers be more social and creative.

“It’s fun to play,” preschool student Jacob Snipes said. 

They also learn to listen to authority and obey instructions from people who are not their teachers. “It is important to listen to other people, and it is ok to take instructions from other people,''  preschool teacher Mrs. Katherine Brown said. 

The transition to work high schoolers have a positive experience too. They help the preschoolers learn. They learn how to work with little children and how to persuade them to do things. They have fun. 

“This is the high school students' job. They consider this their work,” Brown said.

They all have fun together and have good relationships. The transition to work high schoolers follow the pre-schoolers so they don't wander off. They go to recess together and have a blast. 

“Recess is fun,” pre-schooler J.R. Mashour said. 

The pre-school teachers love having the opportunity to work with the high school students. “They love coming. The pre-schoolers love it. It is a positive experience for everybody,” Brown said.