Dogwood Artist Wins at Delta Fair

When the Delta Fair left town September 11, it left Dogwood 5th grader Emerson McCann with slightly heavier pockets. She won fourth place in the student art contest and brought home a prize of $25. 

Emerson drew a Bomb Pop popsicle that she created in Kayla Whitsett’s art class. The class was studying artist Peter Anton. She used acrylic paint, mixing her colors to create the perfect tones. Then she used colored pencils to clean up the lines.

“Art is something I really enjoy because I connect to art,” Emerson said. “When I’m bored, I can do it to express what I like and not have to worry about anyone judging me.”

She has about 10 sketchbooks, and she keeps one with her at all times so that she can draw whenever she wants. 

Ms. Whitsett sees her talent. "Emerson is a perfectionist and always takes her time on her artwork," she said. "She is usually the last one to finish, but it's because she has great attention to detail and spends extra time to get things just right.

Emerson's dedication to the craft helped her gain the skills that caught the attention of the judges.