901 Reasons to Love Memphis

First graders celebrated 901 day on September first. The Memphis area code has become synonymous with hometown pride, and the young Memphians spent the day doing activities that helped them learn how special Memphis is. 

They started the day with Gibson’s Donuts, a Memphis staple. Then they watched a video of Memphis attractions, and they wrote about where they would want to visit and why. Creativity was a part of the day when they designed jerseys around a Memphis theme. Students also did many academic activities involving ducks, donuts, basketball, and football. 

The students had a lot of fun. “I loved making the jersey because I got to be creative,” said first grader Madelyn Tilson. 

The teachers had fun too. Their goal was to help students see what an interesting city they live in. “I switched my mascot to the Memphians this year,” said first grade teacher Kelly Martens. “I love to support our city, and I love that we have so much history here. I want the kids to see the great things we have right here.”

The students do love Memphis. “My favorite thing is the Pyramid because I can go there and see fish,” said first grader Ryleigh Lee. 

Memphis pride was alive and well in the Dogwood first grade hall on 9/01.