Dogwood Elementary Envisions Expo

Submitted by: Joye Phipps
Germantown, TN--January 14, 2022--This week Dogwood hosted its annual GA Envisions Expo.  Students research and develop a portfolio that is incorporated into a presentation for the class. Each grade is presented with a challenging topic to dive into which includes Pet Parade, Environmental Declaration, or Travel Passport.  They spent the second quarter planning presentations.  
Image of kid in front of presentation board
Teachers, Karen Teel and Elizabeth Stuart, have students incorporate math concepts through organization of essential numbers to support their reasoning and apply advanced writing skills to communicate effectively. They also are learning many life skills such as budgeting, scheduling, graphing, time management, and public speaking. Ms.Teel shared,"  These were the most organized and professional quality presentations I have observed yet." When the spring expo comes around, students will take their work to the next level by  using the feedback they received to make improvements. In the spring, the students will hopefully get to share with their peers, families, and community.