From Classroom to Career: Students Launch Their Success Story

Dogwood Elementary School hosted a two-day career exploration event on April 30th and May 1st, sparking curiosity and igniting dreams for its young learners.

Kindergarten through second graders got an up-close look at exciting "careers on wheels." The Germantown Police Department brought their finest, showcasing SWAT vehicles, K-9 unit cruisers, and patrol cars. Fire trucks, ambulances, a limo service, a parks and recreation van, and even an attenuator truck lined up for students to explore. The event fostered interactive learning as students met and engaged with professionals from each department.

For the older grades (3rd-5th), the inspiration continued indoors. Classrooms transformed into mini-career fairs, welcoming professionals like pilots, engineers, business owners, NBA coaches, doctors, lawyers, financial managers, nurses, and scientists. Students learned firsthand about the educational journeys and daily responsibilities of these diverse professions.

"This career day was a fantastic opportunity for our students to explore their interests and discover the vast possibilities that lie ahead," said Brandi Fitchpatric, co-organizer of Dogwood Elementary’s career day. "By interacting with real-world professionals, our students gained valuable insights and a renewed sense of purpose in their studies."

“It was such a joy to see the students truly engaged and excited about learning and exploring the different careers and vehicles,” said co-organizer Casey Fernandez. 

Dogwood Elementary's innovative approach to career exploration offered a fun and engaging experience for students at all grade levels. The event undoubtedly planted the seeds of future aspirations and ignited a passion for lifelong learning within the Dogwood Elementary community.